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Campa was born with the aim of creating designs made of 100% natural material, stone. Stone is a durable and long-lasting material, and its maintenance costs are minimal or non-existent.


It is also a 100% reusable material, eliminating any waste in its transformation or recycling.


Campa pieces are made with 100% natural stone. Manufactured locally with artisans close to the quarries of origin.



Campaspero Limestone is a commonly used throughout history not only in architecture but also in ornamentation and sculpture. It is characterized by being a white, dysmicritic limestone, with gray tones, compact and somewhat ocherous.

It is a sedimentary rock , formed in the  Turoliense geological period  (9-5.3 million years ago) during the  Miocene  epoch. This sedimentary origin is what allows us to find fossils such as  gastropods  or  characeas .

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