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The conviction that design must be sustainable .

A strong bond with this material, as it is typical from the land from which my paternal family comes.  

A passion for art and design. 

Those are the ingredients and Campa is the result.


Campa are unique pieces designed in stone and natural materials, manufactured 100% with local artisans close to the quarries within the area of Valladolid, Spain. 



My passion for design has always been there, and it has grown as I have dedicated myself to my profession, architecture.  


A profession in which functionality is strictly important, but let's not forget that architecture is an art. That is why I firmly believe that design needs to be functional, but it also appealing and inspiring.  


My designs are influenced by architecture universe and its practice. My goal is to always find a common thread, an idea that supports the design and justifies the reason for each form. Although many times it is intuition that commands and beauty prevails over order.


Sara Acebes Anta, Madrid. 

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